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  • Zack Taylor

Welcome to the 21st century of troubleshooting for Railway Signaling!

Are you frustrated trying to find out what is causing signaling issues? Are you confused when it comes to reading log data and program logic effectively so you can start fixing the actual problem right away? Welcome to your solution: Signal Scout! With this innovative software, you can now step second-by-second through an event and watch as things take place. Everything will be clear with one look at the visualization of Application Logic. The various colors help you identify quickly what is going on and as you click on a problem, you can drill down further into the logic behind it until Signal Scout tells you in which box and slot your problem originates. We take away your frustration and let you get back to your other tasks. Watch the video below, so you can learn how to be more efficient today.

“I finally found the time to get everything installed for Signal Scout. In the first couple of hours of use, I found the answer to 2 problems I have been chasing. The potential for this program is staggering. Just like to say well done. This will make life much easier.”
-Dave McCracken, RTD Maintainer
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