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  • Zack Taylor

What does that even mean?

Updated: May 15, 2022

Do you hear that question in your signal team? Do you wonder yourself what different acronyms stand for? This lack of available information can prevent your team from reading logs accurately and quickly. This is not surprising, because railroads can have hundreds, if not thousands, of acronyms that they use in application programs. These acronyms vary per railroad, or even by location.

No wonder so many people struggle to understand what an acronym stands for and what that definition means.

The solution to this problem is Signal Scout’s newest feature, Nomenclature Assist. This feature spells out what each individual acronym means, so that you can learn the jargon more easily, just by hovering your mouse over whatever bit you need information about. The acronym “2SAR_DLY_T” goes from an unclear mess off letters, to a clear understanding of the “Track 2 Southbound Approach Delay Timer. Used to fine tune conventional approach times”. With all this information in one spot, even the most novice troubleshooter can be quick and accurate! Gone are the days of guessing what an acronym stands for, Signal Scout will give you all that information in one easy to read spot.

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