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What is Signal Scout? 

Signal Scout is unique troubleshooting software that helps you get to the root cause of a problem faster. It combines logged or live status information with application program logic and displays it in one straightforward and easy-to-use place. This display is interactive, so you can click on the bit to display the logic behind it until you find the root cause.

Signal Scout is also a training tool to teach about application logic, so you can use the same software for training as for troubleshooting. Signal Scout saves you time and frustration!



LogView is your way to troubleshoot PAST events and locate the root of historic trouble. You can select a specific moment in the past and see what was happening at that time. Signal Scout will show you what bits have just changed, and when they will change again. This will help you identify quickly what is going on and eliminate repeat trouble calls.


LiveView shows the current status of all equations, inputs, and outputs for a signal controller. Getting this information quickly and in a format that is easy to understand allows for your signal forces to return the system to proper operation more quickly. Whether this is during a trouble call or during a cutover scenario, having information to act on quickly and correctly will save you time and frustration. 


Signal Scout simplifies learning about application logic by giving the user control to look into scenarios unique to your property. Use Training mode with the whole team to review past issues and take them in new directions in a learning situation. Stepping though the event second by second will clarify what happened and teach your team to handle things better next time. 

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